45+ years experience
Bethel guiding for all the friends

Enjoy a relatively safe, relaxing, uplifting highest quality congregation break with our guides - at amazingly low cost!

As foreign travel gets more stressful and unpredictable, why not enjoy a truly relaxing and reliable London UK weekend with your friends ... the benefits of a London Bethel visit and British Museum Bible Tour last a very long time! It's now official: UK coach travel is far less stressful than any other transport.

Our team of theocratic tour guides arrange everything for your trip; including the incredible coach, the very high quality hotel, two buffet dinners, full guiding (usually) from door to door... even your local trip coordinator can really relax! Your theocratic London Bethel Coach Tour weekend break will be a very happy memory for many years to come, for all your brothers and sisters.

You may also be able to join an existing group tour if there are any spare seats; just email us.

Note: are not commercial tour operators, but are guides and organisers on behalf of congregations, sharing lower costs. Most of our guides are regular pioneers; some were serving at London Bethel for many years. Note also that there is a reassuring level of security in London now.

Be a Local Coordinator during 2019 or 2020:

By collecting names from your local area, for your congregation Bethel Trip and British Museum Bible Tour, you are likely to enjoy an allowance of a FREE trip. Click here for details.

New hotels for a wider range of London trips:

Larger numbers of weekend and short-stay London Bethel trips over many years has enabled us to broaden the range of very high quality 'spa' hotels we can share with you in our 'Betheltours' London trips, including Marriott and Copthorne hotels. Enjoy! See some of the hotels here.