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British Museum & British Library Bible tours

Email us for current availability of JW Bible Tours in the London British Museum, British Library, Natural History Museum (theme: creation v evolution), Greenwich, and the William Morris Gallery; the availability is constantly changing, from various providers of Bible tours by and for Jehovah's Witnesses and their friends.

Bible tours vary in cost, depending on timing, language and number of people; usually £15 per adult (payable in advance), some are £10 or £5 and others are free [we suggest you give the guide a good tip if you enjoy], best to email us ( well in advance to see whats available). Please book at least 14 days ahead if possible; some bookings close at least 1 day in advance, and some at 4 days in advance. Come as smart as you reasonably can.

British Museum: "Bible Highlights of the Museum" [FREE] Click here
British Museum: "The Origin of Christendom's Beliefs" [FREE] Click here
British Museum: "The Origin of Writing & Language" [FREE] Click here
British Museum: "Grand Tour of the British Museum" [£15] Click here
British Library: "How the Bible Came To Us" [-] Click here
Natural History Museum: "Introductory Tour" [FREE] Click here
One-day Tour of London Click here

(see most of the sights of London from a luxury coach, walk through the prettiest park in London, and take a boat ride up the Thames. Fully guided by local pioneer.Click here

Time, Travel & Truth:

Greenwich 'Flamsteed House' and the Cutty Sark.Click here

"King of the South" Tour

in the Maritime Museum, Greenwich.Click here

Personalised Tour of London.

Whatever you want it to be, with a pioneer local guide.Click here

Weekend tours including museum(s) bible tours

Or see our website if your congregation would like a 1, 2 or 3-day London break.

See these links for what to see in the various museums where we offer guiding:

William Morris Gallery

Victoria & Albert Museum

Science Museum

British Library Bible Tour

Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Houses of Parliament

Royal Palaces

Holocaust Exhibition

Israel Museum (Jerusalem)

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