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45 years experience in
organising and guiding

Travelling with one of our highly experienced guides, you will get the best sightseeing, enjoying the best features of London in a short time, with minimal wasted time in between; theocratic themed visits and tours, where to eat, tours of the JW Bethel in London and bible tours in the British Museum or Library ... and make new friends while you're here!

Personal Guides for small groups or families, in London or all of Britain

OPTION 1: 'PERSONALISED TOUR': We now have pioneer guides who can provide a personalised commentary and fully accompanied tour for your small group or family, to include British Museum guided Bible Tours, the Bethel and any other features you wish. The basic charge is £220 per day for 3 people (add £25 per extra person per day; a maximum of 16 persons in any group; we can take 48 maximum in any one day) including a brilliant £10 Thames boat trip with commentary and main museum admissions in the city. You would need to have a Zones 1-3 Underground day ticket, or equivalent*. Arrangements would need to be discussed in detail in advance to suit your group's preferred itinerary and sights; it could be that you just need our planning expertise so that you can do parts of the tour yourself. Initial discussion is free to test the viability of your plan; a deposit of at least £40 to cover planning time is then required, to cover the detail planning for your itinerary (this is part of the cost of first day)... or you can have just the plan without the guiding, for the £35. *There is a variety of tickets available, and if you choose to go outside Zone 3, you will need to buy the relevant ticket for that, in addition to any extra disbursements for such an extended tour.

A typical 1st day in London could include: Early morning driving tour of the sights of London; 10.15am Bible tour (1 hour) in British Museum with free time also; Boat trip up the Thames with Cockney sightseeing commentary (approx £10); Covent Garden or Knightsbridge (Harrods, Science Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Natural History Museum: all no extra cost) in the afternoon.

Other days could include: the Bethel, Windsor Castle, Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace State Room Tour, Hampton Court, London Zoo and many more places ... even special outings to the Cotswolds, Greenwich, etc.

You need to enquire by email to and tell us your group's status and interests. Each day needs to be paid for in advance.

OPTION 2: 'FULL CITY TOUR': This is a group tour, run by Bible Tours. (Typically 10.30am until around 2pm, cost approx £45 adult or less for groups & families.) See their website here.

Or if you prefer to find your own way around, see the Family Trips page for planning your own trip. Alternatively, there may be some spare places on one of our larger group tours, see the Last Minute Places page for more information.

How To Get a free or discounted 3-day weekend tour in London