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The last two years have had a massive impact on Betheltours Ltd, not only due to the unavoidable suspension of all trips due to the pandemic but also as a result of legislatorial changes that could affect whether and how we continue to operate our weekend trips. Currently, no decision has yet been taken on the future of Betheltours Ltd but we can confirm that we will not be operating any weekend trips for the remainder of 2022.

Don't forget that Betheltours Ltd only provide additional services (such as accommodation, transport, museum tours and excursions) to support groups who plan to visit Bethel, but the actual tours of Bethel itself are completely free and can be booked directly on the Bethel Tours pages of jw.org as soon as they become available again.

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The benefits of a London Bethel Trip

As foreign travel gets more stressful, unpredictable and unreliable, why not enjoy a truly relaxing weekend with your theocratic JW brothers; the benefits last a very long time! Many brothers and sisters say it was their best ever break.

You can experience first-hand the dedication, skill and spirit direction that comprises the London Bethel factory and home. It will broaden your vision of what is happening globally, as the theocratic spiritual education and preaching work reaches its peak.

It will forever increase your appreciation of what is happening, as well as any JW companions, children, non-believing mates, who may be travelling with you or who may tag along on parts of the tour, either from your own congregation or from others that join you on the trip.

There is an enthusiastic and constant demand for our 3-day weekend guiding and organising, and 2019 offers better-than-ever hotel choices.

The purpose of a Bethel Trip

We think that the main purposes and benefits of these trips are:

  1. To enjoy a faith-building tour of the Bethel facilities.
  2. To get to know better the other passengers, including those who are not actually Jehovah's Witnesses, during leisure time at the two inclusive dinners, in the hotel lounge or garden, and also on the coach or whilst touring the sights.
  3. To enjoy a truly leisurely break whilst sightseeing