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March 2023 UPDATE
The recent governing body update announced that selected Bethels would resume tours from June 1, 2023. We still have no confirmed date for when London Bethel will reopen, but we are making preparations. The financial landscape has changed dramatically in the 3+ years since we last ran a trip, and so we intend to operate a research trip before taking any other confirmed bookings, but we are happy to receive enquiries in the meantime.

Museum tours continue to be available from our sister company Bible Tours and you can be kept notified of our own developments by signing up to our newsletter.


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Important Information

Cancellation and deposits (on London trips):

All places can be immediately secured with a deposit (£15 minimum per adult, £5 minimum per child, usually within 6 weeks of initial announcement) paid to your local trip coordinator, and must usually be fully paid for by 10 weeks prior to trip, latest (or as advised to your trip coordinator by us [often this is just 5 weeks]. Please phone us if an emergency arises; if we are able to re-allocate your seat, you may get a refund less any costs if applicable, otherwise the minimum deposit is non-refundable. The content of the trip may need to be varied without notice, and updates are usually issued to local coordinator as changes are made.


The coach company and the venues will have cover for their liabilities, but do take out insurance if you wish (check that it covers very short weekend breaks). Please remember to guard all valuables at all times. Any complaints should be made to the guide in the first instance rather than direct to any other provider of services. Parents are reminded to strictly constrain the behaviour and noise of their party, especially while in the hotel and on the coach. Please keep noise on the coach to a minimum. Wheelchairs should be provided by the user, if needed, but are available on free loan at museums and Mill Hill Bethel. Some trip detail or timing may alter if circumstances require it.


The standard 3-day trip currently costs around £158-£179 per person (depending on features and distance to travel from your base), assuming a minimum of 40 persons (maximum number is usually 59 or 63 [per coach] depending on coach(es) available at the time). This is non-commercial top-quality guiding at excellent discounted multiple group rates. A 2-day trip generally costs around £95-£120 per adult (all depending on your starting location, and the content of the trip)

Other Rates:

  • You can discuss with us a special rate where there is a special need, or unusual mix of ages to try and fit into a room!
  • Up to 2 children using bed-settee in same room as 2 adults (for 3-day trip) now usually £28-£34 each (age 2-11, or £63 - £89 (age 12-15).
  • Children under 2 years old go free, but may not have a seat on the coach (need to sit on a lap).
  • Single-person hotel room supplement usually £70


see g86 June 22 p25.


  • Congregations intending to join the trip can announce it from the platform, as it is a Theocratic Event.
  • Your tour managers/guides are any of the following:
    • Jo Price
    • Heena Bakarania
    • Phil Osborne
    • Ellice Jones
    • John Crawford
    • Anita Nicola
  • A large photo print will be provided for every household on the trip.

Payment methods:

  • You pay your local trip coordinator.
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Data Protection:

  • No personal data is used or passed onto any other persons or organisations other than the hotel having your room preferences or needs.
  • All personal data is deleted within a year of the trip, except your authorised email address which may be used for informing you of future Bethel or Bible tours, without separate retention of your name. Betheltours confirms its conformance to the requirements of GDPR law, and is thus committed to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and proper limited use of any data.
  • Your written authorisation is filed by your local trip coordinator, and retained until the trip has been completed. No unauthorised email addresses are stored or used, and all other data is deleted within a year of your trip. In the event of a data breach, the offending entry would be immediately deleted as the organisation has full and immediate control of all its systems.
  • The spreadsheet containing your personal data is held only in a non-Microsoft ("ods") format on a desk-based Apple computer with offline backup. The hotel will be the only other organisation with any mention of your name and accommodation preferences.