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Israel Bible Lands Tours in 2019 - 2020

These excellent tours are run professionally by a team of brothers in Israel:
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After the last few year’s Bible Lands Tours, this is some of the feedback; "Thanks again for a wonderful week in Israel; we saw so much more than ever before...and the next few years will no doubt see a lot more revealing of really interesting sites”

"a spiritual multivitamin”

"Yes we have just returned from Israel; wow, what a trip! I dont think its possible to have a more comprehensive tour of biblical Israel. We'll all read the bible a LOT slower in future! The Israeli guide we had was recommended to us by the brothers in Israel, and he gave us far more detail than we have ever had in previous trips there. ..... Regarding security, it is not an issue at all. We go nowhere near the danger areas of Syria and Gaza. No-one felt unsafe at any time; we asked everyone about that on the final evening. The Palestinians in Israel (and even in the West Bank, for Bethany and ancient Jericho) want the tourists as much as the Israelis, so they are most friendly and helpful. These Israel trips are nicely focussed on biblical Israel, with the emphasis on Jerusalem where we stayed some nights, taking in the truly 'ancient' atmosphere. ”

These JW tours in the bible lands offer a remarkable and faith-strengthening look at sites you may have only read about in your Bible reading as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, or seen at a jw convention drama. You'll find that the latest information presented and re-enacted by your knowledgeable and caring theocratic JW tour guides (and one of the very best registered Israeli guides) will help you to appreciate aspects that can only be obtained by seeing Bible accounts come alive before your eyes in the original Israel locations…and when in the company of JW friends from around the globe, talking and discussing the day’s events brings your bible experiences full circle. Every year adds a huge amount of new detail to the finds!