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March 2023 UPDATE
The recent governing body update announced that selected Bethels would resume tours from June 1, 2023. We still have no confirmed date for when London Bethel will reopen, but we are making preparations. The financial landscape has changed dramatically in the 3+ years since we last ran a trip, and so we intend to operate a research trip before taking any other confirmed bookings, but we are happy to receive enquiries in the meantime.

Museum tours continue to be available from our sister company Bible Tours and you can be kept notified of our own developments by signing up to our newsletter.


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USA Bethel visits and accommodation: see the options

Option 1: Transport by the brothers to various USA Bethel & museum sites

You can see the detail and 'Book Now' with USA brothers here:

See five different transport services by the brothers; click here.

Option 2: Accommodation by the brothers mostly near Warwick

Lodging, transport and sightseeing services are available in both upstate New York (Bethel area) and New York City. Here is a short video of an example of just ONE of the beautiful, JW run accommodations available on the lodging list:

"Reiger Guest Suite" Video Tour; click here.

Lodging & Transport List

Option 3: Regular theocratic group tours in USA

Hotels, transport and sightseeing services are available for all the USA Bethels and the Met Museum also.

Click here.